Invitation for seven days Nature Quest with John Milton,

Terschelling, May 7 -13, 2017.



Way of Nature Netherlands invites you to join us on a very special Nature Quest with John P. Milton on one of the Dutch Wadden Islands.  We offer you an rare opportunity to experience teachings from John Milton in the Netherlands. And the unique opportunity to surrender completely to nature at this island with the qualities of spaciousness, sky and sea surrounding you.



Participating at a Nature Quest might be life changing! You will experience something that is very rare in our modern culture: to be all by yourself in wild nature. The thought about this might scare you a little or might attract you. But to really experience this might totally change your perspective on who you are and on your relationship with other forms.

You will receive several practices and also rituals that help you to connect with yourselves and others, to cultivate your energy, to relax, to be present and to open your heart. These practices have proven to be helpful for your own cultivation during your normal life, back home. After 6 weeks there will be a return day for participants.

At least you will be relaxed  and mindfully present. You will get to know your own company very well and find ways to enjoy this at most. An experience of bliss is quite common, during a Nature Retreat. This physical experience will help you as a roadmap to go back again to this feeling during your daily life. Besides, it is not uncommon for people to receive answers on sometimes very personal  questions they held may be for years. Synchronicity and symbolic encounters are not to be expected but do often happen during Nature Quests.

For who?

This Nature Quest is designed for people who:

  • Are looking for an opportunity to renew their connection with themselves and other forms of nature.
  • Want to increase awareness and train their capacity to rest in source awareness.
  • Want to understand nature at a deeper level.
  • Seek to deepen their mindfulness and meditation practices.
  • Want to intensify their experience with the foundation of Theory U and ‘staying with’ at the bottom of the U.

This includes people who are:

  • Mindfulness / meditation practitioners or beginners
  • Consultants, coaches and leaders working with Theory U and other systemic change approaches
  • Nature lovers and environmentalists
  • Change makers who want to help create a sustainable ecosystem and society
  • People from Faith based organisations who look for the common grounds of the main wisdom traditions and an interfaith approach
  • Just curious, open minded and looking for an extraordinary experience.



The Nature Quest will be held on Terschelling, one of the Duch Wadden Island. Our Basecamp is on a campsite not far from West (the town where the boats arrive from the mainland).

At the Basecamp the teachings take place. And the guides stay at the Base camp. You are very welcome to camp at this campsite as well. Please take your own (small) tent. But if you  desire to stay at a more luxurious accommodation or you want to choose your own Bed & Breakfast, please feel welcome to do so, and make you own arrangements.

The AllOne /solo time will take place in the pure nature of the (grass) dunes. We will provide you with a tarp (plastic shelter), and you take your own sleeping bag and mattress. This will be no camping spot but a meditation place with a minimum of comfort.



€ 925,00 Euro ex VAT,  Standard price

€ 1175,00 Euro ex. VAT Benefactor price.

As a Benefactor you elect to pay a higher price so you help others with a smaller budget to participate as well.

This price includes:

  • Overnight costs for 3 nights on the campsite
  • Simple food including coffee, tea and juice during the stay at Base camp (approx. 3 days). (since fasting or eating lightly throughout the retreat is recommended.

This price does not include: boat trip to and from Terschelling, and food  during AllOne time if you choose not to fast.



On May 7th we will start the programme  in the afternoon with an introduction and checking in. On May 8th the awareness  training will start for approximately 1,5 day. This will be followed by 3 days and 3 nights of solo retreat, where you can practice the techniques, exercises and rituals introduced during the awareness training. After coming back from your AllOne time, there will be a generative dialogue.  There will be  approximately 1,5 days of integration and ‘re-entry practices, before closing and returning home on May 13th or  – if you wish tot extent your stay – May 14th. On June 23rd a return day for participants will take place at a central located place in the Netherlands. 

We will start with the official teachings in the morning on May 8th. Due to the time table of the boat, it is necessary to arrive on the island on May 7th.

Practical information

  • The teachings are in English.
  • Fasting or eating lightly throughout the retreat is recommended. If you choose to eat during your AllOne time, you need to bring your own snacks, energy bars and fruits, etc. Cooking is not permitted.
  • Participants are required to bring a tent if they choose to camp at the Basecamp campsite.
  • Prior to the programme you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire to assess your physical and mental health and to fill out an ‘Own Risk Declaration’.
  • Further practical information, including what to bring, will follow in participant’s letter after registration. If you have any questions about practical or other issues, please contact


Please register using the registration form, it is located  at the bottom of this page (click). You can also contact:

Annemieke Wiercx:

Richard Wentzel:


You DO have to prepare for this solo. Please follow this link for more information.

The procedure for reservation is in Dutch, if you need any assistance please  let us know (